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  • Basic SMO Monthly:Rs-15000/-
  • Advanced SMO :Rs-20000/-
  • Enterprise SMO:Rs-40000/-
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Search Engine Optimization that helps in making your website recognizable on search engines like google, yahoo. It not only helps in putting your website on top in the search engine but also looks for content link on other websites that counts as a vote for your site.

The position of your website in the search engine is directly proportional to number of visitors visiting your website. Usually we see people don’t go through pages on the search engine they usually prefer the one on the first page so the ranking of the site plays a vital role in it’s success. SEO increases the chance of your website to be found easily by the visitors on the search engines.

What methods do we use to improve the ranking of your Website on Google ?

  • Check for browser Compatibility
  • Check for bad links and fix them
  • Optimize page downloading speed
  • Spelling check
  • Image Optimization
  • Installtion of various plugins to analyse statistics.
  • Making changes in websites according to the trends.
  • Optimizing meta title, keywords and description.